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Do not under any circumstances buy a Time Share at Grand Solmar. Every single thing that was presented was a lie. They don't give you time to read the contract (my bad) and nothing stated was true. When the contract actually states that whatever your sales person told you, "may not be true". RUN We were told we had unlimited weeks...No one We were told we could use it every year...No, every other year We were told we were "platinum"... Read more

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We are currently battling Grand Solmar and Resortcom. We have submitted complaints to the Federal Trade Commission, Attorney General Offices of Nevada, Arizona and California. Intend to submit a claim to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We believe this is a wide-spread timeshare scam operation and read several cases in which the FBI has conducted investigations as these companies Solmar Trust and Resortcom are incorporated in the United... Read more

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Do NOT sign a contract with Grand Solmar. They are Scammers! They provided breakfast and presented the property as an shared ownership. We even paid legal fees for "title". No title came and we find out it is a user agreement. We also rec'd a gift certificate to enjoy a week free. Certificate is no good and we also learned we only have right to use property every other year. The maintenance fees were what we were told was every other year.... Read more

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It would take much, much more than 100 words to describe the mind-boggling fraud perpetrated by the Grand Solmar timeshare fraudsters. I basically took $20,000 and lit a match to it. I get nauseous thinking about the day I made the worst financial decision of my life. Even the "free breakfast" and "gift" were not as represented. I suppose that sad little breakfast should have been my first clue. Last and final comment is - NEVER, EVER under... Read more

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Don't buy a timeshare and the Grand Solmar. They will lie and deceive you from the moment you meet them. I recommend that you run and fast as you can. They told me that I had no cancellation rights and I believed them. I later found out that I had five days to cancel but it was too late. The Grand Solmar misrepresented the contract and they concealed the truth from me by not revealing the page of the contract that had the cancellation... Read more

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