I purchased a timeshare and the next day, I had buyer's remorse. I immediately emailed the sales people (I believe what they gave me were personnel email address).

I tried looking on the contract for information on how to cancel, on the back of the contract, it states there is a 5 day cancellation period with a written letter to the address of seller (no address listed). I couldn't find a phone number of the sales department either. The only phone number listed was the membership number. I called to asked for the sales number, they gave me the phone number, I try calling the sales office to let them know that I wanted to cancel the contract and they asked me who the sales people were, I told them and the lady transfer me to one of the salesperson who told me the person that gave me the sale's pitch was going to call me back, of course, he didn't.

I tried several times. Never got a call back. I tried calling the sales office again the next day, but didn't get through (I believed they blocked the number I was calling from). After searching on line of what to do, I tried to find the closest post office to sent the cancellation letter through registered mail.

Of course, with the language barrier, didn't asked for a confirmation of receipt. I left Cabo that same day. When I return to US, I tried tracking the registered mail. It didn't seem like it got anywhere.

I then found the email (sales@solmar.com) from one of the complaint post and sent a copy of the letter to them as well as CCed PROFECO. The sales office (Kendo de Anda) called me back and told me he can cancel the contract, but can not give me back the deposit and the title fee. He said no one force me to to signed the agreement that I can not rescind. Look over the contract and think about it.

I called him back the next day and told him go ahead and cancel, they emailed me an agreement to sign that they will retain the title fee and the deposit as collateral damage.

I told them under Mexico Consumer Protection Law, i could cancel without penalty, but Kendo de Anda keeps insisting, it has nothing to do with PROFECO and that I will not be getting my refund back. They are deceptive people not following the Mexico Consumer Protection Law.

Product or Service Mentioned: Grand Solmar Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Did anyone successful use their Bank Card company for resolution?


I am going through the exact same thing and I have lost sleep and everything else over this is there anything you can tell me to help me I don’t know what to do


Was this case really resolved?


This case is resolved.

to Anonymous #1556765

Did you get deposit back?

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